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Bender Gallery Loans Artwork for The New Salon: A Contemporary View

Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Ashville Art Museum

Bender Gallery Loans Artwork for The New Salon: A Contemporary View at the Asheville Art Museum, Mar. 8- Aug. 19, 2024

The New Salon: A Contemporary View offers a modern take on the prestigious tradition of the Parisian Salon with the diversity and innovation of today’s art world. This exhibition is organized by the Asheville Art Museum and guest-curated by Gabriel Shaffer, integrating a broad array of artists from multiple mediums and genres, including Pop Surrealism, Street Art, and Graffiti. The New Salon will feature a large hanging of multiple artworks, as well as works from renowned muralists and installation artists, adding a dynamic and immersive element to the exhibition. The exhibition will have four paintings on loan from Bender Gallery by their artists Laine Bachman, Kukula, and Yui Sakamoto. The show runs March 8 - August 19, 2024. Gabriel Shaffer is emerging as one of the South’s premiere salon-style curators, specializing in contemporary folk/outsider art, pop surrealism, street art, and new contemporary art, focusing on representing mid-career and emerging artists. Schaffer’s expertise and vision for the exhibition will offer audiences a fresh and vibrant perspective on modern art.

Bender Gallery Loans Artworks for New Contemporary Salon Show